Smash The Mirror Lithograph


Ships on: July 23, 2024

18" x 24"

The Who celebrate the life and legacy of long-time collaborator John Davis with a selection of premium art prints featuring five of the artist’s most iconic paintings. Each design is lithographically printed on the finest Italian paper stock, hand-numbered in pencil and limited to 100 units globally.

In ‘Smash The Mirror’ from Tommy, his mother threatens to shatter the mirror to make her son respond to his own reflection. “Do you hear or fear or do I smash the mirror?” Tommy’s mother can be seen berating her son in the top left. On the opposite side we see the shattered mirror and a train arriving and dispersing it’s passengers – Meher Baba’s followers – and being greeted by the messiah. The white horse of Uffington, again representing Meher Baba, can be seen in the landscape in the centre of the picture.